Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girls Volleyball SCCS vs.ACS 9 a.m. Thursday

Jaguars beat ACS in straight sets

By Ximena Fagan

People were excited, a cool morning, nerves on edge.There was pop music playing before the game and each school was cheering for their team with drums and cheer chants.

Nabila Farah started got the Jaguars off to a good start. The ACS Cougars began to catch up and the game got intense.The Jaguars were able to recuperate and the Cooperative Jaguars finished the first set 25-13.

The second half was even more intense and the Cougars and Jaguars really showed all their energy and put forth their best effort. Cougar Tawni Alston had several excellent plays. The score was always tied  or close, with no more than three points separating the two teams. For the first half of the game the Cougers seemed to be the stronger team. 

But finally the Cooperative girls got it together and were able to bring the score up to 25-21 to win the second set and win their first Friendship Game.