Friday, November 11, 2011

Boys Volleyball SCCS vs. ACS 11:00 Friday

Jaguar boys outplay La Paz 2-0 

By Lucia Landivar

      The Jaguar boys volleyball team won a decisive straight sets victory over American Cooperative School La Paz to guarantee themselves a place in Saturday-s championship game. 
     The Jaguars started out strong, aggressively taking the lead 13-5, thanks largely to being able to stop attempted spikes by the ACS Cougars with adroit blocks by Milan Marinkovic and Camilo Avila, and soon extended that to 15-8.
      Jaguar Josue Abuawad's constant spikes and Eduardo Ribera's strong serves also aided the cause, as the Jaguars took the lead 20-10, and then won the set 25-14. The final point came on a Marinkovic block.

      The second set started off with a Cougar lead of 3-1. Soon after, the teams tied at 5-5, and 6-6. The Cougars then began to struggle while the Jaguars kept up the pressure and moved out to a 12-6 lead.  
     The trend continued, with the Jaguars moving ahead 18-8, and then winning the set 25-10 to take the match.