Friday, November 11, 2011

Boys Soccer SCCS v AISB 11:30 a.m. Friday

Jaguars roll against Phoenix, win 7-0

By David Boldt

     The SCCS Jaguar boys soccer team had a surprising easy time defeating the American International School/Bolivia Phoenix to complete a sweep of its three games in the opening round robin phase of the Friendship Games.
      Both teams had already guaranteed themselves a place in the championship game Saturday by winning their first two games by margins that closely resembled each other's, and it was possible that both teams would take it easy in this game, which was meaningless in terms of the standings. Another possibility was that they would seek to test each other in this preview of the championship.
    And it was possible that the Phoenix was not putting forth it's best effort, particularly after the Jaguars took an early lead. However, they certainly looked as if they were making a maximum effort. Two of the Jaguar goals came on penalty shots awarded when overzealous AISB defenders knocked down Jaguars in the penalty area. A Phoenix defender was also given a red card late in the game, and will not be eligible to play in the championship game Saturday.
     Then again, SCCS might have been having one of hose days when everything went right, and better be hoping they haven't exhausted their alotment  of good fortune.
    The first Jaguar score occurred within minutes of the start of the game when Josue Abuwad hit Nicolas Aguirre with a crossing pass. Aguirre faked his way past one defender and then got off a shot with his right foot that went into the goal. (Aguirre is normally left-footed, so his shot may have surprised the defense.)
     Abuawad scored the next goal, taking a throw in and maneuvering through the defense. A third Jaguar goal came when Juan Carlos Laguna headed in a free kick, and that concluded the first half scoring.
     The Phoenix had a chance to get back in the game when they were awarded a penalty shot near the start of the second half, but the Phoenix shooter hit the right-hand goal post.
      Jaguar Lorenzo Monasterio then got a penalty shot when he was knocked down inside the penalty area, and he scooted the shot past the Phoenix goalie when the goalie, in an unusual move, charged directly at him.
      Minutes later another Jaguar, Michael Narvarro, was knocked down in the penalty area in similar fashion. Esteban Sauto took the penalty shot and made it: Score: Jaguars 5, Phoenix 0.
      Navarro got a chance to score for himself from the field a few minutes later when Laguna popped the ball up over the goalie with a reverse scissors kick, giving Navarro a chance to head the ball into the goal.
     And the hits kept on coming as Rafael Sakuma finished off the Jaguar scoring with a well placed, hard hit kick.