Friday, November 11, 2011

Boys Volleyball SCCS v.CCS 4:00 Friday

Jaguars breeze to 2-0 victory over CCS

By Ximena Fagan

    In an exciting game with large crowds cheering for each team, the SCCS Jaguars beat the CCS bulldogs in straight sets, winning the first set 25-9 and the second 25-13. This occasion seemed to ne not only a volleyball game but a cheerleading and chants competition.
     The first set was fairly tough going,  but the Jaguars did seem to be well rested and ready for this game.  while the Bulldogs were at something of a disadvantage because about half of their players had been in a soccer game until moments before. Still both teams displayed a lot of good team work and fine play. Jaguars Milan Marinkovic and Josue Abuawad distinguished themselves with their serves and spikes.
     The SCCS cheerleaders, also known as the"Jaguarettes," took over the court in half time, dancing to a remix that they prepared as a half time show. This provoked a competitive reaction from the CCS cheerleaders, who were joined by the cheerleaders for the ACS Cougars.  
      The second set also contained a lot of fine play, but the teams seemed more fatigued and distracted by the  all the cheers coming from both sides. Jaguar coach Alvaro Ludueña rested many of his regulars, and their replacements seemed almost as skilled.  The game ended with success for the Jaguars, 25-13.