Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girls Soccer SCCS v. AISB 1:30 Thursday

Jaguar Girls defeat AISB 10-0

By Lucia Landivar

The afternoon started out with not so much energy. Seems like the players weren't very used to the altitude, it was getting hot, and they looked tired.

The match started out with long passes by both that SCCS Jaguars and the AISB Phoenix. But after a few minutes,  Jaguar Fernanda Vaca Diez scored the first goal for the Jaguars by kicking the ball in from the corner.

Soon after, a Phoenix defender instinctively grabbed the ball with her hands after it bounced off the goalie. Tania Landivar got a penalty shot because of that incident, and scored another goal for the Jaguars. 

The Jaguars were now playing confidently, and were constantly in the Phoenix' end.. Fernanda Vaca
Diez had some asthma problems, and .Analia Mostert, Jaguar cheerleading coach, had to rush to give Vaca Diez her inhaler. Nevertheless, she kept playing as strongly as ever and scored the third Jaguar 

goal on a rebound from the Phoenix goalie.

The game continued to be mostly played at the Phoenix' end, with the Jaguars constantly attacking. Tania Landivar managed to score the fourth goal for her team, shortly thereafter scored another goal, making the score 5 to nothing at the half.

The second half of the game started out smoothly, with passes from both teams moving the ball up and down the field. The Jaguars were tired, but felt confident about their game.

Tania Landivar scored another goal, with each goal less than a minute apart, leaving the  score 8 to nothing, right before asking for her inhaler again. Moments after, Jaguar Paola Querejazu scored the eighth goal for the Jaguars.

After a collision with another Phoenix, Vaca Diez had to be carried out of the field due to injury and because she was already exhausted.

Shortly after, Jaguar Tania Landivar set the score at 9 to 0 for the Jaguars with another goal.

Jaguar Anna Sophia scored the tenth and last goal in the Jaguar's victory.