Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boys Soccer SCCS v. ACS 10:30 a.m. Thursday

Jaguars dominate ACS Cougars, 3-0

By Lucia Landivar

      SCCS Jaguars boys soccer team won their first match of the Friendship Games against the ACS Cougars 3 to nothing.
       At first, the SCCS players were nervous, some  with patches on their noses to ease breathing in the unaccustomed altitude, while the Cougars were just excited to be playing on their home field. Drums from both teams were being banged, while people cheered on the players. It was a sunny day with a
small chill in the air.
       The game started out with passes back and forth, and a lot of energy from the Jaguars. The Jaguars were on the Cougars side constantly, but didn't manage to score a goal for some time. The SCCS players got
easily tired. The first minutes of the game passed, and Jaguar players seemed frustrated and tired, while the Cougars still had a bundle of energy stored inside of them that didn't seem to wear out.
      Jaguar  Juan Carlos Laguna kicked the ball full of force , that seemed like a sure goal, but Cougar  goalie Jack Prommel snared it. An apparent goal from Milan Marinkovic got the Jaguar crowd screaming and cheering, but unfortunately offsides was called, nullifying it. 
       Minutes after, Nicolas Aguirre from the Jaguars kicked the ball straight to Hyun Kim, who headed the ball into the goal, scoring the first point for the Jaguars. The score was 1 to 0, with a Jaguar lead.
      Jaguars came close to scoring another goal, but the Cougar defense fought hard, and finally cleared the ball out of the way.
         Milan Marinkovic danced his way through Cougar players, and almost scored another Jaguar goal, but turned out to be offside again.
       Jaguar Josue Abuawad and Cougar Pablo fought for the ball, and clashed together like bulls only to end up on the ground. Fortunately, neither was seriously injured. Minutes after, the first half of the game ended.
      Both teams started the second half strong, full of renewed energy. A kick made by Cougar Oscar Bonifaz went straight into the goal, while Jaguars screamed offside, Cougars celebrated, leaving many people confused. The final verdict made by the referee was that the Cougars were offside,  and the Jaguars
breathed a sigh of relief. 
      The Jaguars came close to scoring a goalfor their team many times, while Jaguar goalie Eduardo Rivera seemed confident,  and stopped the balls that came his way every now and then. 
       Jaguar Manuel Navarro shot a ball straight into the goal, leaving the Cougars no chance to react, resulting in a second goal for the Jaguars. 
      Jaguar Sebastian Vedia was in front of the Cougar goalie when he shot a goal for the Jaguars. The score was now 3 to 0. The Jaguars at this point were very confident, while the Cougars seemed to be losing hope. Soon after, the game ended